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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.16.01]
Manufactured by: ATI


Quake 3

Quake games will continue to be the benchmark used in every single review you see... The latest version always taxes current hardware as much as possible.  When a Quake game first comes out, you'll see framerates in the 60's if you are lucky... When PC's are capable of running rates in the 100's in high res, it's time for the next version (in this case, the next should be The New Doom).

I don't think I need to tell you how to run a Quake 3 benchmark, but just in case:

-Start the game, go into console (you guessed it - type "~")
-Type "timedemo 1" (no quotes)
-Type "demo demo001" (again no quotes)

We used the "High Quality" setting, but also made sure 32 bit rendering and textures were used.  Other than that, the only thing we changed was the resolution.

This time it's Radeon 7500 on top.  Again, by a very slim margin... Demo001 isn't exactly the most stressing Quake3 demo, so we also like to throw in the Quaver demo... Quaver is also available from 3DPulpit, and again the full instructions and description are included in the zip.

Pretty much the same margin... If I was to turn off texture compression, you would see a whole other story... The Quaver demo takes place in probably the most texture-intensive level in Quake 3... Cards with 64mb are safe to turn off compression in cases like this.


This is the latest game to use the Quake 3 Engine, so why not throw it in! Note that this is ONLY A TEST, and (thankfully) will not indicate the performance of the final game.  However the tests are stressful enough to show a good performance indication in benchmarks...

We used Anandtech's ATDemo package found in their latest reviews.  Instructions are just like in Quake 3, except you run a different file name.  Full details are in the zip file.  As always, we ran the demos in 1024x768x32.

The first demo takes place in the outdoor scene of the demo... I don't think many cards will be able to perform much higher than this at this point.  However, the Radeon walks away with the indoor scenes.  I guess it's safe to say the Radeon 7500 kicks ass with the Quake 3 engine!

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