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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.16.01]
Manufactured by: ATI


Anti Aliasing in Quake 3

Like every other card released these days, the Radeon 7500 has support of 2X and 4X Anti Aliasing.  Unfortunately, like every other card, it uses the same old multi-sampling method we've seen before, and takes the same enourmous hit we've seen before.  Let's look at the performance hits directly, starting with Quake 3 (tests were run in 800x600 this time):

Radeon 7500 still beats the GF2 in Quake 3.  This means that Antialiasing is working just as it should, introducing a hefty hit in performance with 4XAA, causing the game to be pretty much unplayable (You're far better off to run in a higher resolution).

Okay, this test would indicate that there something wasn't working properly with 4XAA on the GeForce 2... There is no way the framerates will be exactly the same in both cases.  In any case, the 7500 takes the crown, even with 2XAA turned on.  Again, 4X is unplayable.  Judging by past numbers, I would probably put the GF2's 4XAA performance in the teens to low 20's...

Again a really weird test result with the GeForce 2.  Hmm, isn't ATI supposed to be the company with wacky drivers? For reference, the GF2 ran at about 82 FPS with AA turned off.  Again, it seems that AA wasn't working correctly (interestingly, both times this occurred in a D3D game).  I found it VERY interesting that the Radeon out-performed the GF2 with 4XAA, even though the GF2 easily beat the Radeon in previous UT tests.  This would indicate that the Radeon 7500 performs anti aliasing in Direct3d better than the GF2 (much like it does with DOT3 bumpmapping).

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