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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.12.01]
Manufactured by: Leadtek
MSRP: $350


And the verdict is...

Leadtek does a great job providing a middle-of-the-road type video card for Nvidia Purists who want the best they can afford and can't necessarily afford a GeForce 2 Ultra.

However, it doesn't perform quite as well as we would have liked; it lagged behind our 32 mb Elsa Gladiac using the same drivers.  You WILL see the benefit of 64 mb ram when playing huge levels with high detailed textures, but beyond that, I'm going to pass on this video card.  You can get a 32 mb card for so much less (have a look at our price list on the right side of the page), and you likely won't miss the extra 32 mb.

  • 64 MB is can be good for some... Not most though
  • Great overclocking package
  • Good stock heatsink
  • Integrated temperature probe!

  • No real software bundle to mention...
  • Simply too expensive as a GeForce 2 GTS, even with the ram
  • Underperforms against regular 32mb GeForce 2's
  • Do they really need to put over the 5.5 ns ram so much?

Final Score: 78%