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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.29.00]
Manufactured by: ATI
MSRP: $299

Supplied by ICI Computer


And They're Off!

First let's look at the test system:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 3 550e @ 770 MHz (140 Mhz FSB)
  • Motherboard: Tyan s1854 (Via Apollo Pro 133a)
  • Sound: Diamond MX300 (Aureal Vortex 2)
  • Hard Drive: Maxtor 7200 RPM 13.8 gb (ATA/66 Enabled)
  • Ram: 128 mb Micron PC133 SDRAM

First, we ran Quake 3 in High Quality and Normal modes.  Texture Compression was turned off for both cards.  The latest beta drivers were used for both cards, the 5.16 Detonators were used.  The only settings we changed were the resolutions.  A3D was also disabled.

We ran Quaver.dm3 (courtesy of The Reverend) because it's quite a bit more taxing than the default Q3 demos.  You can download the Quaver demo right here.

Let the numbers speak! Can you hear them? I think they are saying something like, "Don't waste your money on the Rage Fury Maxx!"

Seriously though, at the price range it is in, the Maxx has no real place on the Hardcore Gaming Video Card Market.  Why would you buy it? For another $30 or so, you can have yourself a GeForce DDR, and for even less money, you can own a Diamond Viper II, which boasts an excellent price/performance ratio (we'll look at the Viper II soon).

GeForce's AWESOME T&L scores notwithstanding, it kills the Maxx in every race.  The Rage Fury Maxx gets spanked so bad, it's not even funny! I'd be willing to bet that the Maxx's scores will improve with better drivers, but who knows when/if we'll see another set of full drivers?

If it weren't for the outrageous price/performance rating of the Rage Fury Maxx, it would have gotten at least twice this score.  As it is though, the Maxx runs WAY too slow compared to its biggest competitor to be even considered by a Hardcore Gamer for purchase, T&L support or not.

The only thing the Maxx has going for it is hardware DVD acceleration.   Unfortunately, it's lacking a TV-Out port to make full use of it. 

Now that I am finished roasting the Rage Fury Maxx to a crispy golden brown, Geoff will be sure to enjoy it, with his usual strawberry lemonade on the side.  That's right, the Rage Fury Maxx is the winner of the Goat of the Month Award for April.  Sorry ATI! I am still looking forward to the Radeon!

  • Great hardware DVD acceleration
  • ummm... Lots of room for improvement....?

  • Expensive as hell
  • AWFUL drivers
  • Very low performance for the cost
  • Resolutions limited to 1600x1200, even in 2d
  • No Windows 2000 support, even in 2d
  • Poor image quality when compared to its competitors
  • No hardware T&L
  • Installation issues with CD drivers
  • What good is DVD acceleration with no TV Out?

Final Score: 32%