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Reviewed by: Mike Goyette [10.22.01]
Manufactured by: Lian Li 
MSRP: $200



This is a review of the PC-60, not the 760a, but I want to give you an idea of what the PC-60 was competing against. The Supermicro SC-760a is a full size tower, measuring 26(H)x17.5(L)x8.25(W) inches (660x175x210 mm). It's interesting to note that the PC-60 is almost 2" inches longer (51mm) than the 760a. A standard SC-760a has three 80mm fans mounted behind the front bezel, a 92mm exhaust fan in the upper rear, and a 92mm fan positioned over the CPU. After upgrading to an Athlon I saw the need for greater airflow in the case. I replaced the three 80mm front intakes with three 92s and cut two 120mm blowholes in the top. I also installed my hard drives in a 5.25" bay cooler, and switched out my flat ribbon cables with factory and hand rounded cables. To control the fans I installed a Digital Doc5.

Here's a quick picture to give you an idea of what the PC-60 has to overcome. While all those fans help to maintain cool temps they also make quite a lot of noise. The Digital Doc 5 can reduce the noise by switching fans on and off as needed, but it also has its limitations, later this month I will let you know what they are with a full review! Yes, that is genuine orange shag carpeting.

The Test

In order to best test the cooling ability of each case I used Alexander Van Kaam's Motherboard Monitor 5 (MBM5) to monitor and log system and CPU temperatures. MBM5 is a nice piece of software and can use the most of the onboard sensors on a wide range of motherboards. I set up the software to take CPU and system temperature readings every hour for 24 hours, I then added the readings up and averaged them. I started the log two hours after booting the system cold to get it up to temperature. I also ran [email protected] for the entire time to keep the CPU at 100% load and generate lots of heat! The 760a had 8 system fans running and the PC-60 had the intake fans running on the high setting. The testing took place over two days, with weather conditions for each day nearly identical.

The Test Rig

Athlon T-Bird 1400mhz (oc'ed to 1506mhz)
Iwill KK266-R
Swiftec MCX-370a HSF
512mb Crucial PC133 RAM
2 Maxtor 5400 40gb HD in raid 0
Matrox G400 Max dual head
Hercules Game Theater XP
3Com 10/100 NIC
Plextor 16x10x40a
Sony 52x CD-ROM
Toshiba DVD
Teac Floppy

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