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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.26.02]
Supplied by:

Prices: Lazer LED: $19.95
Laser Etched Window: $39.95


And this is what you get.  A VERY sweet looking aluminum case.  Some more pics before we get to our final conclusion:

In case you're wondering, the temperature shown on the HardCANO 5 above is the video card temperature, and the fan switch is attached to the Crystal Orb on the video card (currently in "low" mode)

The installation was not perfect, unfortunately.  In addition to the imperfect molding cut you see above, the window also had to be moved a little to the side (you can see that the symbol is not perfectly centered).  This is because I had to cut out the fan ports entirely, and ended up being too close to the edge of the case for proper installation.  If I want, I can go back and trim the window and have it centered properly.  Of course it wasn't until after I finished the installation that I realized I could have just used the other case side... DOH!

The pictures may look pretty good, but believe me, they hardly do the kit justice... Even with the lights on, my rig now gives off a hellish red glow, and the Biohazard sign lights up very nicely... You have to agree that this gives off a very nice custom look, with the effort of an easy window installation.

Several designs are available at CrazyPC, and the Lazer LED comes in green, blue, and white, as well as red shown here.  Red is probably the brightest of the colours, and I don't know how many people will be interested in the regular white light... So far the etched windows only come in clear - no coloured tints are available.

This is just the beginning of the hardCOREware Rig.  I figured we should have an ultimate hardcore modded rig to really show off our Show Off Your RIG! section... So far, the etched laser kit by CrazyPC is an awesome step in the right direction.