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Written by: Ed Lau [05.21.03]
 Edited by: Carl Nelson

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Day Two

LA traffic was again infuriating.  I can see why road rage originates from this place.  I can't even begin to imagine why a 4 lane highway would have absolutely no movement at all.

VisionTek (

After a short taxi ride from the LA Convention Center, I met up with the guys from Visiontek to check out their latest and greatest equipment.

As you know, Visiontek has suffered a few money problems in the past year.  However, in a sort of "rise from the ashes" phoenix-type story, Visiontek has become more interesting than before.  You have undoubtedly seen the new marketing campaign launched by these guys after moving away from nVidia to ATi.  They said they wanted to push the envelope and boy, have they done it.

Visiontek will be releasing ATi cards of all flavors but the especially interesting cards will be the 256MB versions.  A 256MB version of the 9800 Pro should be on shelves very soon if not already by press time which is no surprise as ATi will also be releasing their own.  However, the shocker is that Visiontek will also have a 256MB version of the 9600, which I think, like the 9500 Pro, will be a fan favorite.

Prices will be VERY competitive, in the $199 range for a 9600 Pro, and while I'm not sure what will be bundled in with the cards, Visiontek is very supportive of overclocking features and includes a version of Powerstrip in the package.

Visiontek is now a tier-1 ATi partner so they will be releasing products at the same time as ATi.  However, I was told a few things that they would have that would set themselves apart.  For one thing, Visiontek has a great customer support system.  Phone lines will be toll-free and there will ALWAYS be tech guys in their online forums, 24/7, to answer your questions.

Taking a step away from just videocards, the guys will also be producing flash memory cards.  I look forward to seeing even more exciting products from the new Visiontek.

Anyways, back to E3. Like the day before it, the floor was busy...

Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, A Love Story

...was not on display here, which is strange as it is expected to be released before the year is out.  However, we all know that release dates aren't set in stone.  In fact, these days, they seem to be set in sponge cake.

What do we know about MP2?  Zilch.  I really wish I could say more about it but no one would tell anything about it this year except the title.  The Fall of Max Payne?  How much further can you get?  Those of you that played the first game will know what I'm talking about.

Hitman 3

While we're speaking of games announced but not displayed and with little, if any, information, EIDOS and IO Interactive have announced not only a third installment of one of my favorites games, but also a movie based on the series.  Once again, you play 47, a genetically engineered assassin.  Details are a little sketchy on the game but it is slated for 1H 2004 release.  Rumor also has it that the game will be relatively big budget, around $30-40 million dollars.

EIDOS has had some success in the past in the movie business with the Tomb Raider movie and I can only hope that the Hitman movie does the game justice.

Tomb Raider (

Speaking of which, EIDOS was showing off the vehicle that Angelina Jolie will be riding her fine ass around in in the new Tomb Raider movie.  In front of the G4 booth just outside the LA Convention Center (which was a great source of free Mountain Dew all week BTW), the new Jeep Rubicon was shown off and Tomb Raider posters were given out.

The new Tomb Raider game, The Angel of Darkness was also shown on the floor.

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