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Written by: Ed Lau [05.21.03]
 Edited by: Carl Nelson

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Day One (cont.)

The advertising here is absolutely nuts.  I mean, take a look at these stairs with the nVidia logo and Dawn's eye on it.  More on Dawn later...

Electronic Arts (

EA was big this year, with elaborate sets and huge displays.  The first thing I took a look at was a follow-up to one of the best, if not the best game of last year, Battlefield 1942.  I absolutely love this game and highly recommend it to anyone who likes online FPS games.  However, I have mixed feelings about the new expansion pack, Secret Weapons of WWII.  While BF1942 provides a rather authentic WWII experience (when you play with people who aren't 10 year old children or acting like one), SWoWWII goes over the top with ridiculous equipment that I'm pretty sure they didn't have in WWII since we still don't have them today.  The Germans apparently had rocket jetpacks in the war...

While this is crazy and purists might not like it but you can't tell me that you don't get excited when you hear you can use the jetpack to fly to (within 15 seconds...and then you have to refuel...) and HIJACK a passing plane.  Also included are slightly more realistic additions like more knives, rockets on tanks, and a cargo plane that can hold 6 soldiers and has mounted machine guns...perfect for flying into enemy territory and parachuting (or jetpacking...whatever...) into it.

In the same WWII theme, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun was also shown, which takes Medal of Honor to the Pacific Theater and including missions like Pearl Harbor and the Phillipines.  Guadalcanal will be recreated in MOH:RS and you'll be fighting the Japanese this time around.

EA also showed a series of short films to show off their new line of games, such a the new James Bond game, "Everything or Nothing".  Again, I don't think any guy can tell you it isn't freakin' awesome when you see Bond throw a glass of booze in the air, shoot it and make a big fireball to distract a helicopter rappelling sniper outside a 100th story window long enough to jump across tables and hook himself to a railing before jumping out the window, taking the snipers rifle and, while falling, using it to shoot down the sniper's helicopter before the unhooking himself from the line and suavely dusting himself off a bit before walking away, a millisecond before the helicopter smashes into the ground in a blazing inferno...phewww...

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