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Written by: Ed Lau [05.21.03]
 Edited by: Carl Nelson

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Celebrity Encounters

As further evidence that reality TV is taking over the world, finalists on American Idol were present at E3 for two days.  I only caught the first one where Kimberly Caldwell and JD Adams played the new Mario Kart game along with the girl from Mr. Personality (I refuse to watch any thing hosted by that hideous thing named Monica Lewinsky.  My man Bill could've got way hotter chicks than that...what the hell?) and some guy who wasn't famous.  The whole thing was hosted by Jamie Kennedy who graced us with his idiotic (but somewhat hilarious) banter.

Carmen (whose last name I can't spell...) from American Idol was also here signing autographs.  The line was a mile long so I didn't bother but did go right up to her and get a couple pictures.  She's very pretty in real life.  I was told that Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson (who I want to buldgeon with a shovel to a bloody, bloody pulp) were present to take the challenge the next day.

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