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Written by: Ed Lau [05.21.03]
 Edited by: Carl Nelson

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nVidia Graphics Inferno

Now this is a party...

Hats off to nVidia for putting on a great event.  On the buffet table was thai beef salad, london broil, roast rack of lamb, salmon steaks, beef satays, and some other food that I forget the names of.  The bar was completely open and once again, 3 parts Jack, one part Coke.

Dawn and Dusk themselves (Come on wind, where are you when we need you??) were in attendence as well as an entire group of fire-breathing people and dancers putting on a great show.

When everyone had at least gotten started with the buffet table, the guys at nVidia did their thing.  First off was a great little short film, starring the nVidia marketing department in a bit of self parody, showing exactly what the hell they were thinking when they released the 5800 Ultra.  We had a guy that I SWEAR is John Romero on the monitor blow drying his hair with a 5800 Ultra, and another guy blowing leaves off his driveway. (The file is now on the net, and if you haven't seen it yet, I highly suggest checking it out! -Editor)

Guy #1: "When a gamer buys the card, he'll want to know he has a high performance a Porsche or a Lamboghini!!!
Guy #2: "We want this to be a Ferrari...a Harley...guys, we could be the HARLEY of graphics."
Guy #3: "But don't you think it's a little too loud?"

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