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Mod By: Ryan Williams [06.16.03]
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A Hardcore Case Deserves Some Hardcore Internals

After putting all the time and effort into making my hardcore case, I couldn't just go and slap in some junky internals now could I?  I was so pleased at how the case was turning out that I decided to make it my main rig.  The specs are basically what was used during the overclocking section of the Epox 8RDA+ review and can be found below.

System Specs:

AMD XP2100+ AIUHB at 225 X 11.5 = 2588Mhz at 2.05 volts
Epox 8RDA+ rev 1.1
OCZ PC3500 EL Dual DDR 512MB at 4-3-3-2 sync'd with FSB
Western Digital 80Gb 8Mb cache HDD
Custom Water Cooled setup

Custom Water Cooled Setup

Just in case anyone was wondering what exactly I mean when I say "custom water cooled setup", let me show you.

The three water blocks you see, which cool the CPU, North Bridge, and video GPU, were all custom designed and built by myself. I'm quite proud of these little puppies if you can't already tell. 

Just in case anyone is interested in how I made these blocks I will do a quick rundown for you using an older chipset block as an example.

Basically the first thing I do after cutting a piece of copper to size is to drill the channels out in the underside using a drill press.  I then clean up the channels using a nibbler bit.  Below is a block during the drilling process.

Here is the block post drilling with the fittings test fit and the top nicely polished.

Next I solder on a thin copper base plate.  Here is one freshly soldered, and looking like quite a big mess.

After cutting the base plate to size and cleaning up the solder I next cut and solder on the mounting tabs (these can be all different lengths and sizes depending on the motherboard)

After that all that is left is some polishing and a nice clear coat to finish things off.  Here is the block after polishing.

Here it is all finished next to the GPU waterblock.  Both have been buffed out to a nice shine as you can see.

Back to the system at hand, here are a couple of pics of the complete system with the pump in place and all the hoses attached.

And here is how it all looks inside the new case.

Now we'll just finish things off with a round of completed case pics for your viewing enjoyment.

Finally a little side by side, before and after action.

So that's it, hope you enjoyed what I think has turned out to be a pretty cool looking mod.  Feel free to post any questions or comments you may have in the forums.

  • Best Case Mod Theme EVER!

  • Cheap cases and their inherently thin metal.