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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [11.28.03]

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The Tech Zone/Cooltronics Party

Sitting high above the Vegas Strip in the penthouse of the swank Bellagio Hotel, the second (annual?) TTZ/Cooltronics was a great way to end an otherwise lackluster COMDEX 2003.

With DJ Andy Schneider out of Seattle spinning some great progressive beats and an open bar, it was a great way to connect with public relations personelle we've met this past week in a non-work enviroment. The guys from OCZ Technology (who sponsored the event) and Abit were in attendance along with 200 otherpeople in the 3,100 square foot hotel room.

Myself and Carl with friends from TTZ, TargetPC, Cooltronics, and OCZ.

Our friends at The Tech Zone thought the party was a great success so you just know we here at hardCOREware are going to try and top them next year (doubt it will be for Comdex though). Stay tuned for details in the future! ;)


COMDEX is no longer what it once was...and if it continues to go down this road, I can't think of anyone that would still want to go when CES and E3 are just around the corner. If COMDEX is to succeed, they need to bring the event back to the glory days when everyone wanted to come and check out new products, and PARTY. Unless you want to duplicate Windows XP partitions in 10 seconds or are seriously into Unix security, don't bother with COMDEX.

The fun is officially over. Geoff The Goat eats once again.

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