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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [11.28.03]

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Day 2

Waking up around 10am, our first event of Day 2 was chowing down at Piero's, an essential stop for any media personelle attending COMDEX, not only for the great food but to see great new products afterwards.

S3 was showing off the specs to their long awaited DeltaChrome. Yes, it might finally be released but will it go the way of Daikatana or will there finally be some legitimate competition for ATi and nVidia?

Newcomer Mad Dog is throwing their hat into the ring, introducing themselves as a manufacutrer of everything from video cards to optical drives. They're going to have their hands full, entering an already crowded market. They're also promoting certain products for Thermaltake.

Also around were several vendors showing off tiny cases utilizing VIA EPIA equipment.

Seriously...they couldn't think of a better name?


While they weren't on the COMDEX floor, Shuttle was on hand in Las Vegas showing off their always popular line of small formfactor barebones PCs. Especially impressive was their latest, the SB61G2R, which uses the Intel 865G Springdale chipset. What's special about this particular model is that it is Shuttle's 20th Anniversary Special Edition and includes gold plated cooling fixtures, 802.11b wireless capabilities and a XPC carrying bag amongst other accessories.


Tucked away on the bottom floor of the Venetian hotel was the Gigabyte exhibit, taking up one luxurious Marco Polo ballroom. New products included a tantilizing combo drive with a flip down LCD display, resembeling a car stereo deck. Not only does it play MP3s, DVDs and burn CDs, it also has a built-in radio tuner and looks great. This is an essential for small formfactors including Gigabyte's own, which should be available shortly.

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