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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [11.28.03]

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Also housed in the Venetian is the elaborate Viewsonic Display display (get it?), showing off the company's long line of LCDs and other various products including the AirPanel, which perhaps the first of it's kind. Basically, it's a wireless LCD (different sizes available). When docked, it acts as any other LCD would. When you remove it from the dock, an 802.11b signal allows you to take it as far as 802.11b allows. Oh, and did I mention it is a touchscreen?

The various "normal" LCDs on hand also looked stylish and their visual quality also did not disappoint. A big thing these days are thin edge monitors which are exactly that. The thinner than usual bezel allows you several LCDs to resemble a much larger one when put together but I'm not a fan of this particular technology. While thin bezels look good, I can't get over how there are still black lines running all over the picture.

More on Viewsonic later on.

This particular event is not as open as others and I was the only person our merry band of travellers to actually attend. The Venetian's catering is always top notch and since it was about 8pm and I hadn't eaten since lunch @ Piero's, I didn't want to leave without at least trying to get into Showstoppers.

Cocktail shrimp (if I could call it that...these things were like tiger prawns...), sushi and the usual pasta and prime rib were served along with the essential open bar. Our friends from Kingston were again there, promoting their blazing fast HyperX RAM with some dead sexy Coolermaster cases.

Iomega's main event was a flash key the size of a quarter...seriously. No, really...I'm serious.  Lighting conditions ruined my picture but you'll be able to see it soon enough. It's slated for Q1 2004.

After spending just under 12 hours at the Venetian, it was time to head back to my hotel and get some rest. If you've never been to Vegas, let me tell you that the Venetian is HUGE. It takes an hour to simply walk from one end to the other...and that's just on ONE floor!

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