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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [11.28.03]

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Grab yourself a towel.

You've all drooled over the Athlon 64's after you saw the benches...and that's just running 32-bit software. At the Hilton, AMD showed us a thing or two that I didn't even know you could do yet.  Alas, none of us can quite afford one yet. Graphics rendering for outdoor enviroments in a game that I'm not sure I can talk about yet were running and they looked awesome. It was an island enviroment and you can see through the clear water all the way to the bottom. The scale of the place was just huge and I'm told that the program takes advantage of the A64's capabilities. 

Also on hand was a Athlon 64 recording live HDTV streams in real time, and a Prometia cooled unit.

AMD has a lot in store for us in the next few years, especially with Windows XP 64-bit hitting shelves next year...and I use "shelves" as a figure of speech since it is planned as a service pack at the moment.

With the A64 barely in our grasp, AMD is already almost ready to release a new version of it early 2004, codenamed "Newcastle".  Don't worry, grannies and the upgrade imparied...the Athlon XP line will continue to be available for the forseeable future.

They also had this slick Acer Ferrari-branded notebook which has been reportedly flying off shelves so rapidly that they're thinking of upping the price another $1000.  Hey, if you can afford a Ferrari, you can easily afford a (currently) $1800 notebook.

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