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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [11.28.03]

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Viewsonic (Part 2)

Of course, I haven't left the Venetian yet without grabbing a bite to eat so once again, Carl and I traveled over to the Viewsonic ballroom where the festivities had just begun. The usual Venetian catered cuisine and drinks were served and a contortionist entertained us between prize drawings. 

Poor girl though.  About 5 people clapped for her...and that includes the two of us HCW staffers. If you were there that night and you see me around, let me know so I can give you one of these, right across the face.

That'll teach you.

A Taste of ESPN

A record of my week in Vegas wouldn't be complete without mentioning the awesome sport bar at New York New York. It doesn't quite get any better than watching a Vancouver Canucks game on HUGE screens in another country with three other tables full of guys from Vancouver that we didn't know at all. A 5-4 overtime victory, wearing the old vintage jerseys. I had truly died and gone to hockey heaven.

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