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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.07.04]
Manufactured by: ATI and Intel
Motherboards supplied by Gigabyte


USB 2.0 Performance

While it's not the only part of the southbridge, it's one that we can benchmark to see if there is one area a chipset excels in:






Unfortunately, the IXP 300 southrbridge that is being used on the 9100 Pro IGP board is significantly slower than both Intel solutions. It fares a bit better in the CPU utilization results however, which is good.

Now this is where we ran into a few snags with the 9100 Pro IGP. One thing that was sorely lacking on the original IXP 200 series southbridge was native SATA support. IXP 300 adds that, but Gigabyte decided to go with an external solution on this board. I'm not sure if that means the ATI solution was bad, but it couldn't have been much worse than our experience with the Sil3112A being used here! As you'll see, we had major problems with it:

So, umm.. yeah. The SATA was stuck at 3.5 MB/s on our test system. Apparently there is an issue with SP2 (yes, one of those) I'm sure it's being worked on, but until it is fixed, we have to say that the SATA solution here is broken. This doesn't say much for the IXP 300 in particular though, because that's not what is being used on this board. Good thing for ATI in this case!

Now we can start looking at game performance ;)

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