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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [11.25.04]
Manufactured by: A4Tech


The Mouse

Design-wise, the BatteryFREE looks rather nice. When in use, the trim lights up red:

It's a little on the small side, but that may suit other people. Personally I find the MX series Logitech mice to be a perfect size, and Microsoft mice seem quite big to me. The BatteryFREE seems too small, and because I am not used to using it, I found that my fingers started aching after a few hours of use.

I find the wheel to be located too far away from the front of the mouse, and pressing the middle button required WAY too much pressure. The BatteryFREE does not have any other browsing buttons, such as a back and forward button that I have come to not only love, but rely upon. Even as I use this mouse while writing this review, the lack of navigation buttons is bothering me.

In terms of performance, I was pleasantly surprized by the BatteryFREE. I usually avoid wireless mice like the plague (even the vaunted MX900 and MX1000) due to mouse lag attributed to the use of RF communication. Whatever the BF does, it has essentially eliminated wireless mouse lag (I am guessing it has to do with the use of RFID, and the fact that the receiver is never further than a few inches from the mouse).

The BatteryFREE is also incredibly accurate. Resolution is specified at 670 dpi (Logitech MX series mice boast a resolution of 800 dpi). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the BF as a gaming mouse, and the small size might actually be a benefit there. I just wish it had more buttons!

So for gaming, this mouse is a winner, but for navigating web sites and documents, it falls short.

Of course, due to the fact that the mousepad is required to use this mouse, you are missing out on wireless technology's main advantage in mice. Normally we would buy a wireless mouse to be used on many surfaces; they make great HTPC mice to be used on coffee tables or even couches. And Bluetooth wireless mice are a boon to Notebook users who have integrated Bluetooth (no need for dongles!). The BatteryFREE is left with only one advantage I can think of over other corded mice - you'll never have to worry about tangled cords.

That said, it does not carry any of the negative aspects normally attributed to wireless mice. You will never, EVER have to replace a batter in this mouse. It is also very light, unlike every other wireless mouse out there. There was no detectable lag or interference, due to the high quality RFID receiver (to give you an idea on how I feel about lag - I find the MX700 to be intolerable for gaming).

Overall, you're left with a $35 'corded' mouse that will never get tangled, and a high quality (yet small) mousepad. At the very least, it performs well in games, and could be a great conversation starter.

  • Price - battery or no, $35 is great for a quality mouse
  • Precision - no detectable mouse lag, even by me!
  • Mouse pad is smooth and accurate
  • Mouse is light, and has no cord to get tangled
  • Mouse wheel is comfortable, and scrolls nicely

  • No navigation buttons
  • Not truly 'cordless' since it has to be used with the corded pad
  • Mouse wheel is placed too far back; Mouse3 button was hard to press

Final Score: 79%