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Interviewed by: Trevor Flynn [02.11.06]


HCW: What is more important in your opinion: aesthetics or functionality?

Johnny: I believe they are both important, but i would say that sometimes NZXT's designs overshadow the funcationality of our cases. Many customers are quick to conclude about NZXT based strictly off designs. I stress that both are important because the design is what attracts you, and then the functionality is what is going to convince you purchase the case, just like when you are purchasing a car. We put a lot of effort in design but also the structure of the case. As you've seen from our first Guardian Chassis, we've been making improvements where we can.

HCW: After releasing two very gamer oriented cases in the Guardian and the Nemesis, NZXT has since released two "classic" designs in the Trinity and the Lexa. What's next? Should we expect more mainstream "classic" designs, another round of gamer oriented cases, or are there plans to expand into new markets such as SFF and HTPC?

Johnny: We actually have a very ambitious plan this year, i can't really talk too much about it now since it's still early on in the year but we plan to have a "full line" of cases this year including both Classic and Crafted cases. We have found that the Classic series has really gained us a lot of audience but we also want to keep loyal fanbase of the Crafted Series at the same time.

HCW: Any tentative timeline as to when we might be hearing about these new designs?

Johnny:We'll have a midrange product coming out in March plus at least one more by May.

HCW:As someone who seems to have a passion for the gamer market we'd have to assume that you'd be a bit of a gamer yourself. What games are are on your system right now?

Johnny: Well... every PC Gamer needs to have.. World of Warcraft. I also have Civ, then every once in awhile i would install Baldur's Gate or Fallout. I've actually been addicted to my xbox 360 lately so i need to catchup with my PC Gaming.

HCW: What are you personally running for a system?

Johnny: I'm actually on a laptop right now. I'm using the Acer Ferrari, which has a X700 on board. Helps me work on the road.

HCW: Okay, one last question. Why are American English words like 'color', 'favorite', 'savor', etc, missing the letter 'u'? Is it because Americans are so self-centered?

Johnny: Check NZXT Forums for the long thread about colour and color. I kept myself out of this one.

Our thanks to Johnny H. for taking the time to sit down with us. For more information on NZXT and their cases, visit