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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.12.00]
Supplied by: AMK Services
Price: $49.99 CAD ($33 USD) + S&H


The Other "P" Stands For:

Who in the Hell knows? You know what, I was just finishing the first page of this review, and I realized that I had the damn name mixed up with another Alpha! ARGH! Well, everything is fixed now, and you won't notice anything wrong, but jeez... What's with those NAMES?!

Testing, Testing...

So now we have what it takes to bring my 550e Coppermine to the edge.  I'll tell you now that I can get to 770 MHz (140 FSB, x 5.5) just fine with the stock Intel HSF and a slight voltage tweak of 1.65v.  I could boot into Win98 at 825 MHz (150 x 5.5) at 1.70v, but it was *very* unstable, even in regular applications.  I have everything I need now, and I should be able to reach the magic number... This is how we tested:

This little guy fits right into your 5.25" bay, and has room for four Thermo-Probes™.  Those two little fans are next to completely useless, but it came in handy for testing, as the Tyan s1854 doesn't come with any sort of onboard diag tools.  This is the Super Cooler, also kindly supplied by AMK Services.

Yes, that's the exact same pic used on Moto's review, but it's my damn CPU, and I'm the one who measured the heat! :P Seriously though, I forgot to take a picture before taking the Thermo-Probe™ off, but it would look the exact same anyway :)


Overall, this is a pretty good HSF as far as installation goes.  The retaining clip is strong, but designed to be simple enough to allow you to take it on and off (although I admit it is a lot easier to have the slocket adapter out of the PC... It would probably be a lot harder if you were trying to reach inside your PC to get it out).  The power cord was plenty long enough to reach the nearest (and even furthest) 3 pin power supply.

This thing is *very* loud though.  Chances are, this won't bother you, since your 200 CFM case fans will drown it out, but if noise is anything of a concern to you, it may be an issue.

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