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Reviewed By: Brad Pfau [08.21.00]
Manufactured by: The Card Cooler
Suggested Price: $34 USD



Be prepared to be wowed. Using my overclocked, overvoltaged 650 PIII running @ 806Mhz, I knew that this might be a challenge for the card cooler. First I took an idle system temperature reading with MotherBoard Monitor with all the internal case fans turned off and no XT. As you can see my system runs pretty hot without any cooling.

Next I took an idle system reading with the Card Cooler XT. As you can see, the MB temperature dropped 6 degrees while the processor dropped an amazing 11 degrees!

Now, onto the real world tests. Everyones favorite benchmark and performance tool, Quake III Arena. Here we have a shot of MBM after about 15 minutes of multiplayer action without the Card Cooler XT. Once again you can see that the temperature was way up there.

Finally we have what we've all been waiting for, the XT's performance after 15 minutes of Quake III Arena. This was no surprise at this point. The motherboards temperature dropped 6 degrees while the processors temp dropped a whopping 7 degrees. As you can see, Quake 3 and my overclocked processor posed no threat to the card cooler.


If your case can handle the space requirements of the Card Cooler XT, and you are serious about cooling your down, this is the cooler for you.

  • Very quiet fans with massive airflow.
  • Cools the entire system all at once.
  • Ease of installation.

  • Too large for some cases.
  • Wimpy little brackets.
  • You have to remove the card cooler to get at your systems components.
  • For best performance case must be open.

Final Score: 85%