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Previewed By: Carl Nelson [11.08.00]
Manufactured by: Tennmax


The Test 

To test the temperatures, we used a GeForce 2 GTS (The Elsa Gladiac - reviewed here).  We ran the Unreal Tournament timedemo until the chip got nice and hot.  It was not overclocked, however.  Before running UT, we also quickly measured the idle temperature.

We placed a Thermal Probe as close to the chipset as possible.  Yes, I know this doesn't actually reflect the actual temperature of the chip, but people are so damn anal about that.  We are just using temperatures for comparison purposes only.

We put the Lasagna II up against the Blue Orb, the original Lasagna (Type B) and the default cooler (glued on, luckily we had a brand new Gladiac come in as we started testing).  Regular heatsink paste was used on the others.

I'll put in some Fahrenheit numbers as well, since a lot of our readers are still stuck in the 70's ;)

HSF Unit Idle Temp (C/F) Unreal Tournament (C/F)
Tennmax Lasagna II 30/86 39/102
Thermaltake Blue Orb 27/80 35/95
Tennmax Lasagna "B" 31/87 41/105
Stock Heatsink, glued on 33/91 45/113

The Tennmax Lasagna II performed right between the original Lasagna, and the Blue Orb.  This is quite a positive result, considering it is a beta unit with a huge gaping hole on the bottom!

Random Babe.

Save a PCI slot now, you'll thank yourself later

It looks like Tennmax will have a good contender against the Thermaltake Blue Orb.  The #1 thing going for it has to be the fact that it does not block off any PCI slots.  Many motherboards still come with only 5 PCI slots, and with TV tuners, DVD decoders, sound cards, NICs, PCI video cards (Voodoo2 is a MUST for Tribes players), and other peripherals, it is becoming easier to fill these slots up quicker.

The temperature scores left some to be desired, but remember that this is a beta unit, and they are NOT final.  When they get that hole plugged up, it should perform even better.

One thing I hope Tennmax does is offer different sizes of these, like they do with the original Lasagna, or include some thermal tape in the retail package.  Size-wise, it fits on the Abit KT7 just fine, but the pins don't match up.  This could be remedied easily with thermal tape (though the KT7 comes with a decent cooler already).  It didn't fit on the Asus A7V, because those pesky electrolytic capacitors got in the way (again).

Other than that, though, this chipset cooler looks to be a winner! Look for it on Tennmax's website soon!