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Reviewed By: Ryan Romaine [03.12.01]
Manufactured by: CPUfx
Suggested Price: $70 (fan not included)


Dare to be Different

For every GlobalWin or Vantec cooler, those that use a familiar design for their heatsink, there are some that take an unconventional patch.  Some hit it big, such as the Alpha pin-style heatsinks (one reviewed here), or the 100% copper-based Kanie Hedgehog (reviewed here), or the ThermoEngine (which we haven't been able to have a look at yet, but [H]ere's a review for ya).

Some 'sinks even get known pretty much solely for their design, such as Thermaltake's Orb products.  Not a lot can be said for their performance, as they were only meant as low-end performance coolers, but because they were the first 'orb' to become easily attainable, and at such a low cost, they were very successful.

There are even some heatsinks out there that attempt to combine some of these popular unconventional designs... There is a Copper 'Orb' going around, NOT by Thermaltake, and it sucks (Thermaltake tells us that they are currently designing their own Copper Orb, we'll have a review of that as soon as we can get one).

The point is, don't be fooled just by something that looks cool.  Unconventional design does NOT always mean a better cooler.  Sure, it means a 'cooler' cooler, but if you want a nice 'Sink to show off in your plexiglass case, you better do some research...

Hard to the CORE!

Talk about an unconventional design! I admit, I had my doubts when I first saw this... Looks just a *little* too gimmicky to trust 100%... Let's have a looksee!

The CORE takes a very unique approach to heatsink design.  It's a 3" cube that's been hallowed out horizontally with 20 shafts that are intercepted by an additional 21 vertical shafts. The end result is a passive heatsink that weighs in at 500 grams. Keep in mind AMD approved heatsinks weigh in at no more then 300 grams. Favorites, such as the Alpha (373 grams) and the Kanie Hedgehog (475 grams), miss out on AMD's seal of approval as well. 

The package includes 2 sets of nylon bolts for securing the CPU to a motherboard (more on this later), in addition to a more traditional mounting clip that secures it to the ZIF socket. Two copper shims are included in the package at no extra charge, for both AMD and Intel socket based chips. All that for the low low price of only $69.99. (tada!)

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