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Reviewed By: Ryan Romaine [03.12.01]
Manufactured by: CPUfx
Suggested Price: $70 (fan not included)


The Test 

To test the temperatures, we brought the CPU to absolute full load by running the Prime95 Torture Tests for about an hour.  We also measured the idle temp.

The CPU used is an AMD Duron 800 clocked at 1001 Mhz (1.80 volts).  The computer case is closed, to reproduce an actual environment most people will have at home.  Case temp was around 22-25 degrees at all times.

A 60x25mm Black Delta fan was used.  When you order this from CPUfx directly, you can get the fan for $12 extra.  They also sell Arctic Silver Thermal Paste for $8, and a fan guard for $1.75.

HSF Unit Idle Temp (C) 60 Minutes of Prime95 (C)
CPUfx CORE 35 38
GlobalWin FOP38 41 47

Well it looks like the pretty little heatsink can perform! He's a fat boy, though, so be careful while installing it!

A Note About Our Temperature Measuring Method

Please note that the method we use to measure temperatures is not entirely accurate.  Basically, by using the thermistor under the CPU, we are not getting the exact CPU core, and temperatures differences can be off by as much as 10 degrees!

Chances are, though, that if our indirect method of measuring temperatures show a difference in performance, it is really there.  IE the CPUfx CORE does cool better than the FOP38.  However, it could be more (or less) than 6 degrees, as shown in our tests.

It may not meet specifications according to AMD but in my book it's doing the job better then anything else to hit the American market.  Although it was a pain to attach most people will only have to do it once. That is unless something better comes out. The Silverado perhaps?

(Editor would like to add): Thanks for reading this review! This is Vermifuge's very first review; thanks, Verm!

I would also like to add some insight on this heatsink.  To me, $70 is a LOT of money to put down on a heatsink, and I am sure that's what you are thinking as well.  However, you do have to look at the total package.  It comes with all sorts of tools to help you install it, and even offers some options of installation methods.  It even comes with copper shims for both Intel and AMD CPU's! 

I also think it looks FN cool, and it obviously holds its own performance-wise.

My bottom line would be, this is about the sweetest heatsink you can get these days, the unfortunate part being you'll have to pay for it through the teeth.  Is it worth it for you? Are you HARDCORE? This cooler sure is.


  • Great Temperature Scores
  • Customizable
  • Complete package for the overclocker
  • Super Sexy big block influence :)

  • Pain in the ass to install
  • Very, VERY expensive

Final Score: 90%