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Reviewed By: Brad Pfau [03.27.01]
Manufactured by: Vantec USA
Suggested Price: $20


FCE? 6254? OD???

Though Vantec may not be they type of company that puts a spiffy name on their products, such as "Orb this or Super Orb that", they sure have come a long way in a year or two. Until recently, Vantec has been known for producing several products including heatsinks, system coolers and driver coolers.

However, until now, some of their products, though economical and user friendly, have been pushed aside by hardcore overclocking fans for products that were more power and performance minded. Vantec seems to have heard our requests and have now entered the realm of high powered high performance cooling.

Enter: the Vantec 62540D.

This large aluminum heatsink is more than it seems as it's 260 gram base, though large, is not large enough to safely dissipate the heat generated by an overclocked and often over voltaged processor by itself.

This Vantec cooler's real cooling prowess comes in the form of a Delta 60mm fan pushing air in the 7000 rpm category at a rate of 37CFM. Yes this BIG BAD FAN is the key ingredient in a winning combination that effectively keeps anyone's CPU cool. Also included with the fan is a fan grill. This is definitely a necessity because that fan could easily do serious harm to fingers and small house pets.

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