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Reviewed By: Brad Pfau [03.27.01]
Manufactured by: Vantec USA
Suggested Price: $20


The Test 

The test bed consisted of an AMD Athlon T-bird 850 at 900Mhz at default voltage on the Abit KT7 motherboard. The Vantec came supplied with thermal paste but we went with Arctic Silver thermal compound in all tests. To heat the CPU, we went with Prime 95 and several minutes of hardcore 3D gaming.  For temperature samples we use VIA's Hardware Monitoring Utility. We also tested with the stock 7K rpm fan and also a slower 5K rpm fan for those of you with noise control issues.

Sorry Bubba from Alabama, no old-fashioned Fahrenheit measurements for you ;)

HSF Unit Idle Temp (C) 60 Minutes of Prime95 (C)
Vantec w/ 5000 RPM Fan 38 53
Vantec w/ 7000 RPM Fan 32 39

The 5000 rpm fan, though a lot quieter than the stock fan, could not keep the heat down to an acceptable range. After just 15 minutes of Prime95 and the NOLF mega mix demo online, Hardware Monitors warning alarms were going off like crazy. Here we have the noise/performance tradeoff illustrated.

A Note About Our Temperature Measuring Method

Please note that the method we use to measure temperatures is not entirely accurate.  Basically, by using the thermistor under the CPU, we are not getting the exact CPU core, and temperatures differences can be off by as much as 10 degrees!

Chances are, though, that if our indirect method of measuring temperatures show a difference in performance, it is really there.  The exact amount may not be apparent in our results, however.

In the future, we will take greater care to make this clear, as well as develop a better method of measuring CPU temperatures.  In the meantime, know that the Vantec works very well with the 7000 RPM fan, but is not quite up to snuff with a slower, quieter fan.

That fan is one bad mother... (Shut your mouth!)

There you have it folks. With the stock fan, the Vantec is one seriously fine cooler. If you can stand the noise, and need to keep your cpu as cool as possible during peak use times, this cooler is one fine cooler indeed.  However, those of you wishing to run your system at full bore with the slower fan, this heatsink may not be what your looking for.  I'd suggest the Volcano II, which runs about the same price as this cooler, but with a MUCH quieter fan that performs quite well.  Read our review HERE.

  • Great Performance with fast fan.
  • Doesn't touch capacitors on the motherboard.
  • One Easiest coolers to install yet.
  • Very fine clip design.

  • Way too Noisy with fast fan.
  • Performance suffers with slower fan.

Final Score: 89%