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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [04.10.01]
Manufactured by: ThermalTake
Suggested Price: $??



Many people had problems with the twist-on clip used by the original Golden Orb for Pentium CPU's... Personally, I found it to be a heck of a lot easier than pretty much every other heatsink I had ever used in my entire life, but some people did... I guess they should listen to their Moms and stop playing Quake for a while, and go outside and get some fresh air and exercise...

The later Orb series coolers, such as the Chrome Orb and Super Orb use a variation on the old standby clip-on technique.  I would have preferred another twist on, but that wasn't going to happen after the cracked Duron nightmares, and the Little Rubber Feet (tm) getting in the way...

Thermaltake took the clip one step closer to perfection with a handy screwdriver fitted clip.  Basically, rather than have a cheap ass clip gouge into your thumb before breaking off *cough*Globalwin*cough*, you can simply insert a flat-head screwdriver, and use that to put downward force on the clip.  This was the best clip I have ever seen, besides the Golden Orb twist-on method! Great work!

Now, Thermaltake had to decide which clip to use... Should they go back to using the great clip found on all recent Orbs, or should they use their screwdriver-fitted clip that people either loved or hated...

Why not use both? That's right, the Mini Copper Orb has a clip that uses BOTH methods found in earlier Tt products! If you prefer to manually push the clip down with your thumb, you are welcome to do so, and if you love the leverage a screwdriver adds, be my guest! Be careful with the screwdriver though... Again with the weak little arms thing...

I have some good news for those who are weary of the electrolytic capacitors on their KT7-RAIDs... They will NOT get in the way! That is what makes this a "Mini Copper Orb" and not a "Copper Orb".  I am not sure if there will be a 'regular' Copper Orb.  I doubt it, since we've seen that the Mini Super Orb performs just as well as its bigger brother.  Here's a pic of the Copper Orb sitting next to his older bro, the original Golden Orb.  Super Copper Orb anyone? Yeah!

Shake That Booty!

I just have to show you this; it's so damn cool:

The Mini Copper Orb is not made entirely of copper (duh).  There are likely a couple reasons for that.  Weight would certainly be one.  Even with just a copper base, the C'Orb is pretty chunky compared to any other non-copper heatsink I've seen.  In fact, when I installed it and first turned it on, the high speed fan caused the heavy base of the Orb to vibrate the motherboard in my test rig! It drove me mad, I had to lean the case on its side to prevent the vibrations.  This could be remedied with some plastic washers or something between the case and motherboard... If you order one of these, be prepared!

Other Notes

  • The power cable was plenty long enough (the earlier Golden Orbs had shorter cables, but never enough to really cause problems). 

  • Because copper is so soft, the base of the cooler comes with a protective film attached.  This is to prevent damage in shipping.  It is NOT thermal interface material! I can't wait to see someone leave it on and review it ;)

  • I have no idea how much it is going to cost! Nobody has these yet... As soon as I know, I will update this review (hopefully you won't have read this).

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