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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [02.03.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Thermaltake

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Even MORE Airflow!


Upon opening the front bezel, you'll notice something else that the Xaser case
lacked: dust filters.  On each of the four intake fans in the case, there is a dust filter mounted on it, keeping the entire case relatively dust free. 



Yes, you read that correctly.  Four intakes.  The original Xaser case had a total of 5 fans, which already provided a healthy airflow.  The Xaser III inproves on this by adding two more.  In addition to the two intakes in the front and the two exhaust fans in the back, there are two mounted in the side window.



If you have a Xaser II, you'll know that the side window regularly accumulates a lot of dust in that speaker grille.  This time, Thermaltake has included removeable dust filters, which can easily be removed and cleaned by swinging the clear blue plastic fan mount open.  Thermaltake has truly outdone themselves by making an entirely toolless case.  I haven't had to take out a screw driver the entire time.


The 7th fan on the Xaser III is one more feature that was missing in the Xaser II: a blowhole.  Anyone who's ever taken a high school science course knows that hot air rises so a blowhole should improve on an already great airflow and case temperatures.

Even with 7 fans, the Xaser III is not very loud, only slightly louder than the Xaser II, which is quite impressive when you look at how good the airflow is.  If you prefer an even quieter box, you can adjust fan speeds using the included Hardcano.

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