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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [02.03.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Thermaltake

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Other Features (and Lackthereof)


The Xaser III is simply packed with features, some more useful than others.  On the other side of the hard drive cage is the long PCI bracket, which I guess holds the end of a extra long PCI card securely.  I can't think of a single card that is that long other than the ancient Obsidian cards back in the days when 3dfx was still making Voodoo 2s.I'm told that RAID cards take up that much room but 99.99% of gamers will not need to run RAID 5 and use one. 

The one thing that I missed the most when using the Xaser III was the motherboard tray, which all Chenming cases lack.  I didn't think it was much of a big deal before but after having one in my InWin Q500N, I believe that all cases should have one.



The case looks incredible, from the brushed aluminum finish to the ultra clean drive bay lines.  The biggest feature when it comes to looks is the new electro-luminicent panel on the front bezel, emblazoned with the Thermaltake name.


It's not quite as bright as the ultra-bright blue LEDs but it's much larger.  While it looks great during the day, trying to sleep with this thing lighting up your bedroom is a pain in the ass.  I gotta rig up a switch to turn it on and off later.

Also, I feel that the Thermaltake name doesn't really match the rest of the case.  While everything else has a sleek, machined look to it...well, Thermaltake written in Times New Roman isn't the most exciting thing to have lit up on the front bezel.  Opening the front bezel reveals that the lighting is a strip of EL tape behind a piece of glass.  In the future, I might just mod this and put up a guide so stay tuned.

Also, because of the front panel lighting, the air vents that are standard on all Chenming-type cases is blocked and relies on two smaller vents on either side of the Thermaltake EL.  This constricts airflow from the two front intakes.

The finish on this case is among the best I've seen.  No visible blemishes, great packing and everything fits exactly like it should.

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