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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [02.03.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Thermaltake

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The Xaser III comes with a stapled, photocopied manual which tells you how to open up the case,
install drives, operate the Hardcano, etc.  I highly suggest you read it before operating the case since some of the mechanics used on the Xaser III have never been used elsewhere.  The manual itself is  a little ghetto but it is sufficient.  I wouldn't mind seeing a production quality manual though as some of the photocopying is a little light.

While I was not impressed with the manual, I was very impressed by the little stickers all over the case in unintrusive, logical locations telling you exactly what to do if you want to open the door or install a fan. Small touches like this truly make this the most user friendly case ever.


Just like the Xaser II, the front bezel of the Xaser III is not aluminum but plastic and steel.  It's
probably not an issue to most people. 

Also, while not as small as before, the reset switch is still quite small although you can probably push it with your pinky.

The pricing on the Xaser III is not very clear for me at the moment but I'm guessing that the steel
versions that come in black and blue will be around $150 while the aluminum one reviewed here will
be just under $200.

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