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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [11.09.01]
Manufactured by: OCZ Tech
Suggested Price: $20



The clip on the Gladiator is genius in its simplicity.  I am so used to using a screwdriver to install my heatsinks, that I forgot what it was like to be able to simply clip on the heatsink and be done with it.

I hesitated at first, because the last few 'thumb press' heatsinks I have used were absolute nightmares (ripping into my thumb, and falling completely apart, dammit), but this one worked like a charm!

The press had enough surface area to allow comfortable installation, and clipping it onto our Duron 1100 test CPU was a snap (figuratively speaking, thank god).

Of course, installation is only half the battle... Uninstallation was just as easyon the Gladiator, and I am finally beginning to appreciate thumb press heatsink clips once again.  I still love the old twist-on method the Golden Orbs used, but I doubt we'll see that any time soon :).

This is the base of the Gladiator... I have certainly seen smoother heatsink surfaces in the past... Many of you will probably want to lap it with some super fine sandpaper, and buff it to a glass finish... Be my guest, I'll just use some high quality heatsink paste...

Unfortunately, the poor craftsmanship continues with the fan screws driving right into the fins of the heatsink... This is merely an annoyance, however, and should not affect performance.

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