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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.03.02]
Manufactured by: Zalman



Just as impressive as the heatsink itself is the manual.  It is a HUGE bound manual, with full instructions written clearly and concisely.  It comes in English and Korean.

This manual is better than many game manuals we've seen lately, and definitely sets the standard for heatsinks to come.  Of course, not many heatsinks require a manual quite like this, but it is nice to have one when the need arises.

The first step of course is to remove the stock heatsink, and clean the core off with some goof-off followed by rubbing alcohol.

One issue you might come across with installing this unit on a Radeon 9700 as I have is the fact that the GPU actually sits lower than the frame you see around it.  The Zalman manual actually mentions this, and suggests that you use slightly more heatsink paste than usual.  This is not quite optimal, but you'll find it to be satisfactory in this case.

Installation starts with the heatblocks on each side.  You saw how the installation worked on the front side on the previous page.  Once that side is installed, you simply attach some tape to the bottom of the back heatblock, and attach it to the screws with some capped nuts.

These heatblocks are what transfers the heat from the heatpipe to the heatsinks themselves.

Once both blocks are installed, you can proceed with installation of the heatpipe.  First, be sure to apply the heatsink paste! Two tubes are included, but we chose to use high quality stuff we got from OCZ Technology.

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