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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [12.03.02]
Manufactured by: Zalman


Installation Continued

Once the pipe is fully secured and drowning in heatsink paste, you can now install the heatsink fins themselves.  Don't forget to add more paste!

I probably used slightly more paste than was necessary, but I just wanted to make sure that secure contact was made.  Make sure there are no gaps between all the contacts that are being made! This is definitely something you want to keep in mind during installation.

All that is left is to attach the heatsinks to the heatplates with the screws (and screwdriver!) included in the package.  Installation of the ZM80A was more involved than normal of course, but not too difficult at all when you consider how complicated the design is compared to normal heatsinks.

Just make sure that nothing is touching, including any silly ram heatsinks your manufacturer may have stuck on there to make their video card look pretty ;).  I had absolutely no issues with this ATI brand Radeon 9700.

All that is left now is to test the unit out and see what it can do!

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