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Written by: Ed Lau [12.23.02]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Globalwin
MSRP: $35

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Testing Method

As you know, we've been recording temperatures using thermistors mounted directly onto the CPU for the past months as it is more accurate than thermistors on the motherboard, which are actually mounted in the socket under the chip.

However, even this has a margin of error. New motherboards are finally allowing the use of the Athlon XP's built-in thermal diode. This method of temperature measure should, in theory, be even more accurate than our previous testing method so we will be using this procedure for this review.

The test machind consists of a AGOIA 1800+ (1.53 GHz) Athlon Xp mounted on a MSI KT3 Ultra-ARU with a single stick of 512MB Samsung PC2700 DDR333 RAM.

The case is a Thermaltake Xaser II A5000A, loaded up with 5 low speed fans. As this isn't a speed benchmark, I guess the rest of my system isn't a factor.

Testing Results

After an hour of torture using Prime95, here are the results for the CAK4-86:

I was absolutely floored when I saw that I had broke the 30 degree mark on my 1800+. This is the coolest my CPU has ever been. The load temperature is another first for me. I almost fainted when I came back after an hour to see "35C".

I thought I needed new glasses.

Make no mistake. This is an incredible piece of work from Globalwin and I am thoroughly impressed.

As with many other high-performance HSF combos, the CAK4-86 is loud. I just about expected it after seen 5700rpm stamped on the box. However, while the Vantec Copper-X was annoyingly loud, the Globalwin only borders on annoying. The sound of the fan is more a loud hum than a high pitched squeal. I attribute this to it's larger size and lower RPM. While the CAK4-86 is just as loud as the Copper-X, the sound isn't as infuriating.

In a world where high end heatsink fan combos can top a hundred bucks, Globalwin has produced a definitive winner at only $35. With numbers like these and a great quality design and build, I couldn't be more happy to award the CAK4-86 a "I AM HARDCORE" award.

If you're looking for the ultimate in performance air cooling, the CAK4-86 is priced just right, and crushes the competition with all its might.

  • Best... performance... ever. Performance that more than makes up for its faults.
  • Excellent quality of construction.
  • Double-sided screwdriver clip
  • A great value.

  • Heavy
  • Otherwise poorly designed clip
  • 5700rpm 80mm fan = loud
  • Not totally boring but not very good looking either