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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [11.15.01]
Manufactured by: AMD
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SPECviewperf 6.1.2

SPECviewperf is a suite of tests, designed to benchmark a system's OpenGL performance.  Out of the entire suite, we chose the three most CPU-intensive tests, to show how the Duron performs against the Athlon.

With the DRV-07 test, the Duron pulls ahead slightly when at 1.2 Ghz.  That is quite a nice jump for a 100 Mhz increase in speed.

The Light-04 test seems to be directly related to CPU speed.  The Duron 1.2 keeps up with the Athlon no problem.

This time, even the Duron 1.1 beats the Athlon! It looks like the Morgan core is giving the old Athlon a run for its money!

With these non-gaming OpenGL results, it looks like the benefits of the Morgan CPU core are truly giving it an advantage over the Athlon... Let's see if that continues with REAL games...

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