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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [02.02.02]
Manufactured by: AMD, Intel
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Quake 3

Probably the most popular gaming benchmark right now, Quake 3.  As always, the Pentium 4 wins this benchmark.  It looks like the strong Floating Point performance we saw with the Sandra tests is translating to some pretty decent gaming benchmark scores! I can't believe we are seeing scores nearing 200 FPS in HQ mode... I remember when this exact test would bring the fastest CPU's to their knees :)

Unreal Tournament

Things even up a bit with Unreal Tournament... Let's just skip ahead to the next score

Serious Sam

Just like Intel rules the Quake 3 domain, AMD always takes care of the Serious Sam tests.  I am looking forward to benchmarking with the Serious Sam 2 engine when it is released (should be very soon).

Enough fun and games, let's get with the productivity scores!

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