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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [04.04.02]
Manufactured By: Intel & AMD
Prices: P4 2.4 GHz: $560 (in volume quantities)
AthlonXP 2100: $210  (in volume quantities)

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Quake 3

No benchmarking suite is complete without Quake 3 make an appearance.  We chose to use QUAVER.dem, with compressed textures OFF.  This gives the CPU a chance to shine...

If you see someone compare the AthlonXP to the P4, and they only use Quake 3 as their benchmark, you should probably ignore everything else they have to say.  Quake 3 has always been favourable to Intel CPU's, and this is definitely no exception.

One thing we do come away with from this test result is the 8 FPS increase with the new P4 model compared to the meager 3.3 FPS increase with the new AthlonXP model.

Serious Sam

Serious Sam 1 makes its very last appearance this time around.  Starting with our next sound card review, we are going to use Serious Sam: Second Encounter.  From what I've seen though, there is almost nothing new to SS:SE, but there are a TON of features to tweak and play around with.

Just as Quake 3 seems to like Intel CPU's better, Serious Sam favours the AthlonXP.  Again, you see why it's important to use more than one video game when reviewing CPU's.

And again, the P4 model upgrade  saw a much better performance increase than the AthlonXP.


Once again, the video card is the bottleneck here.  Intel comes out slightly on top, but AMD is well beyond their own "Performance Rating" numbers.  Next time we'll use a lower resolution to greater test the CPU's.

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