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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.08.02]
Manufactured by: Intel
Prices (per 1000 units):
P4 2.40B - $562
P4 2.53B - $637
P4 2.26B - $423

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OpenGL Gaming Performance

Once again, 640x480 was used in these tests.  If you want to get any of these tests, all those that are openly available can be found on our Downloads Page.


GLMark is OpenGL's answer to 3DMark.  It isn't nearly as pretty, but it does make use of some advanced OpenGL functions.

Here we see the same ramping as with the other games, with the AthlonXP falling way behind this time.

Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

SS:SE looks almost exactly like the first Serious Sam.  The levels look the same, most of the monsters and weapons are the same... The only reason this wasn't an expansion is because both titles are budget titles... Still, we always like to use the latest games for testing, and the SS Engine has quite a few advanced features.

Serious Sam has always favoured AMD CPU's, which is why you see the AthlonXP 2100 closer than it used to be.  If the Intel chips had been on DDR platforms, I think the Athlon would be right up there.


DroneZ is another German game that was bundled with almost every GeForce 3.  Like AquaNox, it is big on flash, but lacking in substance.  Nonetheless it makes for an excellent benchmark...

This time the AthlonXP is WAY behind.  More importantly, check out what a difference the FSB increase makes in this game!

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