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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.08.02]
Manufactured by: Intel
Prices (per 1000 units):
P4 2.40B - $562
P4 2.53B - $637
P4 2.26B - $423

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What does RAMBUS do for the P4?

If you are like me, you have found it difficult to accept Rambus in the past.  If it wasn't for the 845D and P4X266A chipsets, I don't think many people would be interested in the Northwood P4's at all... However times change, and as I said on the first page of this review, prices change.  Rambus is hardly much more expensive than good DDR ram, and if you look at the following test results comparing Rambus directly to DDR, you'll probably consider it for your next system...

We compared the new 2.40B (533) P4 on a RDRAM platform to a 2.40 on a DDR platform... The systems were exactly the same except for the motherboard and memory.  The motherboard used was a Shuttle AV45GT (P4X266A) and the memory was 512MB of Crucial PC2100.

First and foremost is the most telling benchmark of all - a direct Memory bandwidth test.  With almost 800 points over DDR on both tests, it's easy to see what PC800 can potentially do for performance.

Next up is ScienceMark, a CPU test ONLY.  Obviously the memory and chipset don't mean a thing here, and a 1 point increase is hardly worth mentioning.

PCMark's memory test shows more theoretical performance gains over DDR.  Again, CPU scores are right within the margin of error.

Finally, we have some Real World scores to show you.  Believe me, a 24 point difference in final score is something to talk about, considering the only things changed are the FSB and memory type used.

I am sold on Rambus! And this doesn't even consider what it can do for future P4 chips, as bandwidth needs go way beyond what SDRAM can offer, not to mention that this is only PC800 - PC1066 will show even better scores!

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