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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.08.02]
Manufactured by: Intel
Prices (per 1000 units):
P4 2.40B - $562
P4 2.53B - $637
P4 2.26B - $423

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Last time we reviewed a P4 chipset, we complained that there just wasn't much to show except for a little jump in speed.  This time we got what we asked for - a 133 MHz QDR Frontside Bus increase!

And paired up with good Rambus RDRAM, the combo simply can NOT be beat.

We can now say that Intel is absolutely kicking AMD's ass in desktop CPU performance without having to duck for cover.

However there is, and probably always will be one aspect which AMD will constantly beat Intel at - Price.  And I highly doubt it's by choice either.  The 2.53 GHz is well over 2X the price of AMD's highest end processor, but as you saw in our test results, it is far beyond 'just a bit faster'.  It absolutely kicks ass.

The Final Word

After extensive testing, I can honestly say that I am completely sold on Rambus RDRAM.  I can only imagine what PC1066 will do for the P4 in the future.  For now, PC800 is just way to fast to pass up, especially considering it is hardly much more costly than SDRAM.  Intel stuck with Rambus through troubling times, and now we can see why!

By the end of the year, we will be seeing 3 GHz + processors from Intel, with the possibility of "3000+" processors from AMD.  If we're REAL lucky, AMD will bring Hammer to the table, and really make things interesting....