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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.08.02]
Manufactured by: Intel

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Memory Tests

After all, memory is what the new chipsets are all about! We have some theoretical tests to show you... Let's find out what kind of bandwidth DDR333 offers us...

For our first test, we used SiSoft Sandra 2002 SP1's Memory/Chipset Benchmark.  As you can see, RDRAM still holds the bandwidth crown.  DDR333 is not far behind however, and it can only go up with some decent RAM and tweaking.

To confirm the numbers given by SiSoft, we used ScienceMark 2.0's MemBench to compare bandwidth numbers.  As you can see, they are right on.

Of course you already knew that RDRAM has more bandwidth than DDR SDRAM.  Now you know the exact bandwidth numbers, but what about latency? That is something RDRAM does not perform so strongly in.  Let's have a look at another set of numbers from MemBench:

Keep in mind that on this chart, LOWER is better.  That said, DDR333 simply walks away on this one.  RDRAM is lagging way behind on the 256 and 512 byte strides, although curiously it beats DDR266 on the 64 byte test.  Things go back to normal on the smaller byte stride tests.

Now let's see what this translates to in the Real World, starting with what is most important to us - GAMES!

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