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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.20.02]
Manufactured by: Shuttle


Quake 3

Probably the most popular gaming benchmark right now, Quake 3.  The trend continues! 10 FPS with a moderately old game, with moderately low settings.  3 more games in our 3d benchmarking suite to look at...

Unreal Tournament

As usual, UT shows a smaller performance variable than other tests.

Serious Sam

I still think Serious Sam is really one of the more flaky game benchmarks... A good friend said otherwise, so for now I'll stick with it.  For once, a trend is kept on this test, with Shuttle pulling ahead yet again.

DroneZ Mark

I am happy to introduce DroneZ Mark into our game benching suite.  The DroneZ engine uses DirectX 8, and is one of the more advanced real-world game benchmarking apps out there.  We used settings specified for GeForce 3, but everything ran fine on our Radeon 8500.

Slaughtered once again.  Again, notice that the newer and more strenuous applications in particular show a larger advantage to the Shuttle board using the newer chipset revision.

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