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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [09.21.00]
Manufactured by: Asus


Do you have a problem?

I lead into this review saying that this board is THE one to get for overclockers.  It may not be the cheapest, but from what we've seen so far, it is the fastest, most stable, and ONE of the easiest to overclock (Cheers to easy overclocking! Jeers to the dip switches!).

I tried REALLY hard to find a problem with this board, I really did... The only things I can come up with that are remotely negative are the price and lack of software multiplier settings... Other than that, there is really no reason to consider another board, unless you want onboard RAID 100 (Abit has a board like that, and it also has software multiplier settings). Or you have some sort of problem with using Asus motherboards...

The Manual

Like most manuals these days, a well written and concisive manual is included.  It is well documented with pictures and clear diagrams to help you along with installation.  I ran into no problems at all getting this up and running in no time!

I think it should be clear by now how much I love this board! It actually convinced me to go for an AMD CPU for the very first time (as of this writing, a purple core Athlon 750 is heading my way).

  • Rock Solid
  • Integrated ATA/100 support
  • AGP 4x PRO, Fast Writes
  • It's Fast!
  • Awesome for overclockers! Multiplier overclocking is not dead!
  • BIOS Memory tweaks work well

  • Pretty expensive - This will cost more than twice as much as your Duron CPU
  • No Onboard RAID available (if you actually care)
  • No software multiplier settings (dip switches are still better than jumpers though)

Final Score: 98%