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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.14.00]
Manufactured by: Asus



Here's something that can make or break a good board; features.  Here's a short 'at glance' list:

  • Supports Intel Pentium III, Celeron I/II, processors (Socket 370 only)
  • Up to 1.5GB of memory; 3 DIMMs PC133, PC100, HSDRAM
  • 66/100/133 Mhz bus speeds (and many more)
  • 5 PCI slots, 1 ISA slot, AGP Pro 4x Slot, AMR slot
  • UltraDMA/66 IDE support
  • Standard ATX form factor (12.0" x 8.3") (Micro ATX also available)
  • AC97 Audio available
  • PC Health Monitoring

You want the full list? We're not going to waste a whole page on that.. Just check out Asus' product page.

It looks like a typical modern ATX board, doesn't it? Let me point a few things out to you...

Notice the sticker on the AGP slot? That's to prevent you from inserting your AGP card incorrectly, as the AGP Pro slot is slightly longer.  The board did come with a heatsink attached to the northbridge chip, but I took it off so you can see it better (on the previous page).  I also took the opportunity to apply some heatsink paste, for better conductivity :)

Don't worry about the ominous looking dipswitch at the top; that is only use once, to set the main multiplier speed.  All FSB changes are done in the BIOS.

Don't you worry about this guy - he's only there for show.
You can change everything you need in the BIOS.

You'll also notice the audio connectors (below the LPT1 port).  This was an option included on our test board - I bought one for myself (yes, I was that happy with it) and it didn't have onboard audio.  I don't think it matters either way, as most of use probably have either a SB Live or Vortex 2 sound card.  You are able to turn the audio off in the BIOS if you happen to have one with built-in sound.

Do you use a gigantic heatsink to cool your CPU in order to attain outrageous speeds 1000 Mhz and beyond? Are you worried about the transistors getting in the way? Worry no more!

As you can see, with the huge Alpha heatsink installed (don't even ask me what model it is... I forgot), there is plenty of room.  The Golden Orb also fit with no problems (that is a particularly wide heatsink that may have problems fitting into some boards.. Not this one though!).

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